Viking Repair In Los Angeles

Viking Repair In Los Angeles

Viking Appliance Repair

It’s difficult to imagine a world where Viking Appliances don’t exist. Even though the company has only been around for a relatively short period of time, since the 1980’s, they quickly carved out a niche for themselves in the residential appliance trade. The appliances manufactured by Viking are considered high end are sought out by individuals who love cooking. Shortly after the company realized how popular Viking cook appliances had become, the released additional household appliances, including dishwashers and microwaves. Despite changing trends, materials, and products, Viking appliances have managed to stay dependable and relatively problem free. When you purchase one, you know you’re getting an appliance you can trust. It’s important to realize that even though Viking appliances are very well made and withstand the test of time, there’s always a chance that you will find one of your Viking appliances no longer works as well as it once did. When this happens, you need to contact Appliance Repair Services Los Angeles and discuss our various Viking appliance repair options. We promise, you’ll be glad you did! We provide top of the line Viking appliance repair but manage to keep our services affordable without sacrificing quality.

Vikings Warranty

One of the reasons Viking generates so many sales is because they believe in the appliances they make, and they’re willing to backup that belief by attaching a three year parts and service warranty to each appliance they make. The warranty states that if the owner does experience any problems with their Viking appliance within three years of the purchase date, the company will pay for the cost of parts and repair services. After you’ve owned your Viking equipment for three years, you’re responsible for financing the repairs on your own. While the Viking machines are still under warranty, the company can control who does and doesn’t handle the repairs. They insist that the only way they’ll validate the repair work is if their own people do it. After the warranty expires, you’re free to continue to use the Viking Company’s services for repair and maintenance work, but the company charges an arm and a leg. When you contact us, Appliance Repair Services Los Angeles, you’ll find you get the exact same quality of work but at a much more reasonable price. You’ll also find we’re easier to get along with. So when your Viking appliance warranty ends or you have an issue not covered by the Viking warranty program are you stumped on what to do or who to call?  No matter the issue, know you can always call on the team of experts at Los Angeles Appliance Repair.  We offer and follow through with expert professional Viking repair like no other appliance repair shop in Los Angeles.

Viking Stove Repair Services

When you go shopping for a new Viking stove, you’re going to find that there are five different models you can choose form. Each one comes with its very own bells and whistles. No matter what model you eventually settle on, we promise that we’ll be able to help you with any Viking stove repairs you might need in the future. We have a team of Viking stove repair technicians who have spend a considerable amount of time learning everything there is to know about Viking range repair and troubleshooting. When you contact us about our Viking stove repair services, you’ll find the entire experience to be a pleasant one. The person who answers your call has some working experience with Viking appliances and will be able to offer you some advice about how to handle the situation. After collecting some information from you, they’ll make arrangements to have one of our Viking range repair geniuses come to your home. They will take a look at your stove. Before they do any work on the stove, you will be provided with a very detailed estimate. The final bill won’t exceed the estimate. It doesn’t matter how large or small your Viking cooktop repair problem might be, the expertly trained members of our team will be able to help. They have extensive knowledge of all things connected to Viking stoves including the technology used in the design, the various components.

The type of Viking stove repairs we routinely handle, include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Fixing/replacing knobs
  • Removing and replacing faulty hardware
  • Rewiring
  • Repairing mechanical components

In addition to handling an assortment of Viking cooktop repair problems, we can also be counted on when you find yourself in need of Viking microwave repair.

Viking Refrigerator Repair

There’s very little that will raise your heart rate faster than getting home and discovering your fridge isn’t working. When this happens the only thing you’ll be able to think about is all the food that you have stored inside. You’ll wonder how you’re going to feed your family when you don’t have any place to keep fresh produce from spoiling. Instead of running out and buying a brand new fridge, you should call us and book a Viking refrigerator repair appointment. It only takes a few moments to book the appointment, and once you’ve completed that task, you’ll find you can relax. We have an entire team of professionals who are properly licensed to provide Viking refrigerator repair. We select the one who is best suited to deal with the situation you’ve described. They’ll arrive at your door on time, provide you with an estimate for their services, and quickly and accurately complete the repairs. Between their expert status and the fact that they only work with top quality tools and parts you can rest assured that the repair will last a long time. We guarantee it! In addition to providing the actual Viking refrigerator repair, you’ll also get some helpful tips about how to prevent future problems. We encourage first time customers to take advantage of the impressive discount we provide. Whether you’re a new or returning customer, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect and be considered our most prized client. We book same day appointments that are convenient for you, even if it’s a major holiday. The sooner you call us and book and appointment, the sooner we can help repair your Viking appliances and restore order to your world. When all is said and done, you’ll find that in addition to working properly, your Viking appliances work better than they’ve ever worked before. You’ll be so glad you called us!

5 out of 5 stars


Reviewer: Susanna Gutierrez –

My Viking range was constantly clicking. I needed someone out asap before it drove me crazy. These guys came out within the hour after calling and had my range fixed the same day. Thanks guys!